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If you are an "All" approver you can see all the records, otherwise, you will see the dataset for which you are approved.

You will see name data. To see Position data you have to select a name.

There are two considerations: limiting what you see and sorting what you see.

ALL No limitations
Unapproved New entries are unapproved. A current registrant who edits their name data will be unapproved.
Check Me This will typically be a registrant who changed their Position data but didn't change their name data. It implies you need to look at Position data to approve it. Take care when you are finished with a record and all is approved that Check Me is turned off and Approved is turned on.
Dropped By default you don't see dropped records, even when ALL is selected. You have to turn on this option to see them.

Sorting: One of your challenges will be elimination of duplicates. There is no foolproof method for doing this. One way is to sort by name to look for duplicate entries, the other way is to sort by email address to look for duplicated addressed - which could be valid entries - but which may indicate a duplication. One reason for duplication is a person who has a record but did not set a password. They need to make a change and so they create a new entry for their changes and now they are duplicated.

Record count: 2074   Sorted by  Name
  |     |     |     |  

  |     |     |  

  |     |  

    Approved Check ID Name Email Registered No Mail IP Password
Edit Del No Yes 300792 Bath, T. Yes No Mail  *****

Other Email

Notes 1st bounce, due to inactivity, new mail not accepted. NL-Feb '08. 05/25/2007 Updated by bjcb 02/08/2008
NENC: CC?    NWPL:   SEMA:   SWSC:   SP: No  
Edit Del Yes No 300793 Booth, Susan Yes Mail   *****

Other Email

NENC:    NWPL:   SEMA:   SWSC: CC   SP: No  
Edit Del Yes No 001 Jones, David No Mail  *****

Other Email

Notes Added by bjcb 
NENC:    NWPL:   SEMA: CC   SWSC:   SP: No  
Edit Del Yes No 300794 Smith, John Yes Mail   *****

Other Email

NENC:    NWPL:   SEMA: SC   SWSC:   SP: Yes 

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