Advisory Board Minutes

November, 2002


Approved 8 Jul 2003



Business Carried Over from Previous Month



After Ms. Rippee's motion to set aside 02-19 failed for lack of a quorum (see October minutes), discussion resumed briefly on Ms. Cortez' amended version of 02-19 until Ms. Rippee called the question.  With 5 "yes" votes, 4 "no" votes, and 4 members not voting, the amended motion failed. (11/2/02)


After both a motion to set aside 02-19, and a motion to amend it failed, voting commenced on the original 02-19.  The motion failed (11/7/02), 3 yes votes to 7 no votes, with 3 members not voting.



Motion -

EC member confirmation



(11/8/02) Jimmy Epperson, SE/MA CC Rep, presented a motion as follows:  "I move that we confirm the appointment of Richard Pettys as a member of the Election Committee for the Southeast/Mid-Atlantic Region."  The motion, which was numbered 02-20, passed with 11 "yes" votes, 0 "no" votes, and 2 members not voting. (11/11/02)



Motion - NE/NC SC Rep




(11/12/02) Tim Stowell presented a motion "that Tina Vickery be appointed to fill the position of SC Rep for the Northeast/North Central Region."  The motion was assigned number 02-21.  With 5 "yes" votes, 1 abstention, 3 members voting late, and 4 members not voting, the motion failed for lack of a quorum.  Phyllis Rippee then made a motion to reconsider motion 02-21.  The motion to reconsider passed (11/19/02), as did the subsequent revote (11/21/02), and Tina Vickery was appointed to the vacant NE/NC SC Rep office.



Motion -

AB Rep to EC



(11/26/02) NE/NC SC Rep Tina Vickery presented the following motion:  "I nominate Jan Cortez to serve as 'Temporary Representative to the Elections Committee to assist them in vote counting for their internal election.' "  This motion was numbered 02-22.  The motion failed with 3 "yes" votes, 6 "no" votes, and 5 members not voting. (11/30/02)



Other Business -

New Special Committees



(11/25/02) NC Richard Harrison announced the formation of two new special committees:


The Standing Procedures Special Committee

Bill Oliver, temporary chair

Jan Cortez

Jana Black

Phyllis Rippee

Tim Stowell

Richard Harrison, ex officio member

Roger Swafford, consultant member


This committee is charged with developing a set of standing procedures for

the AB to use to conduct its meetings.


The Grievance Procedures Special Committee

Jimmy Epperson, temporary chair

Ron Eason

Larry Flesher

Joe Miller

Tina Vickery

Richard Harrison, ex officio member

Roger Swafford, consultant member


This committee is charged with developing a set of procedures for the AB to

use to resolve grievances, including evaluation of and changes to the current mediation procedures.



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