Advisory Board Minutes

December, 2002


Approved 8 Jul 2003



Motion -


Motion 02-17




(12/1/02) SE/MA CC Rep Ron Eason presented the following motion: "I move that we reconsider Motion 02-17." The motion to reconsider passed with 10 "yes" votes, 1 "no" vote, and 3 members not voting. (12/3/02)


This is the text of Motion 02-17:

"I move that the 'Standing Election Procedures Section A, subparagraph 1. Composition of the subcommittee' containing the sentence 'The National Coordinator and the Representative-at-Large to the Advisory Board shall both serve as ex-officio members of the EC.' be changed so that the sentence becomes 'The National Coordinator, as ex officio member, and one other Advisory Board Representative, chosen by the Board, shall serve as advisors on the EC subcommittee.' Furthermore, that all references to the 'Representative-at-Large' be changed to read 'Advisory Board Representative' with the exception of the reference in Section B. Duties of the subcommittee, subparagraph 1. To wit: Section A, subparagraph 2, paragraphs 6 and 7; Section A, subparagraph 3, paragraph 2; Section B, subparagraph 5, division 'e.' "


(12/4/02) The re-vote on motion 02-17 commenced. The motion passed with 10 "yes" votes and 4 members not voting. (12/6/02)



Motion - Procedure for removal of SC/ASC from office




(12/20/02) Phyllis Rippee, SW/SC CC Rep, presented the following motion:


I move that the following be adopted as: Standing Rule for Removal of an SC

or ASC:


A. The process for removal of an SC or ASC may be initiated by the Advisory

Board, or by a petition signed by 10% of the CCs of the State and presented

to at least one of the regional CC Representatives for immediate forwarding

to the entire Advisory Board. Reason(s) for removal must be clearly stated.


B. Reason(s) for removal will be forwarded to the SC, or ASC, who will have

three (3) days to send a response to his/her regional SC Representative for

immediate forwarding to the entire Advisory Board.


C. Regardless of which entity begins the process, the National Coordinator

shall send a copy of the reasons for removal and the response (if any) to

the Election Committee, instructing the Committee to conduct a vote within

the State and within the Advisory Board, simultaneously, asking the

question "Shall [Name and Title] be removed from office?" Choices are to be

"Yes", "No", "Present". Included with this question will be the reason(s)

for removal and the response (if any). The voting period will be 10 days in



D. Removal will require, per USGenWeb Project Bylaws, a 2/3 majority vote

of the Advisory Board and a 2/3 vote of at least 75% of the CCs of that



E. No removal procedure may be implemented against the same SC, or ASC,

within six of months of a failed attempt, unless evidence is

presented to the Advisory Board that retaliatory actions are being taken, or

attempted, against the initiators of the original action.


F. This policy will go into effect upon passage.


The motion was assigned number 02-23. Discussion paused during the holiday recess, then resumed on 12/26. On 12/31, Phyllis Rippee moved that discussion on this motion be temporarily tabled until action is taken on seating a NW/Plains CC Representative. There was no objection, so the motion was temporarily tabled.



Motion - Holiday Recess



(12/21/02) NW/Plains CC Rep Bill Oliver moved "that the AB Board recess from this point in time [passage of this motion] until Thusday morning at 8 a.m. PST to allow each of us the opportunity of giving our undivided attention to family and friends."

Richard Harrison, National Coordinator, asked if there was any discussion, and none was forthcoming. The NC declared that, unless there was any objection, the Advisory Board would be in recess until 8:00 a.m. PST, Thursday, December 26, 2002.



Other Business -




(12/26/02) National Coordinator Richard Harrison made the following announcements:


The Election Committee has elected Ellen Pack as its Chair and Marti Graham

as its Secretary/PR.


Here are the results from the recently completed NW/Plains Preference Poll:


Courtney-Blizzard 15

Haddenham 6

Mitchell 25

Soden 18

Zurek 7


(12/31/02) NC Richard Harrison called for nominations for the office of NW/Plains CC Representative.




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