Advisory Board Minutes
March 2004


Approved April 8, 2004

Call to Order - March Session

(3/15/04) The March Meeting of the Advisory Board of The USGenWeb Project was called to order by National Coordinator Isaiah Harrison.

We will deal first with the project logo, second with the Site Review Committee report.
I am sorry to report the resignation of Pam Reid as Webmaster for the USGenWeb Project site. Pam has devoted long hours over the years insuring that the Project would have a website it could be proud of and no longer has the time to spend on that job.
Before the millennium, the AB authorized the use of a special Eagle Millennium logo for that year instead of the official project logo. Some people have continued to use that alternate logo and are very partial to it. The AB has been asked to authorize a change in the alternate Eagle Millennium logo, removing the reference to the millennium, and allowing for its continued use. Such a change has already been approved by the logo's designer.

In addition some pages--including the Brochures Help Page, --have a still different logo.

Logos are used for easy and definite recognition of a product or service. Having a variety of logos defeats this purpose.

Someone observed, "Some of the logos being displayed on USGW web sites are gross--copied and resized so many times that they look like crap. And graphic design capabilities have come so far since the old logo was designed."

It may well be time to have a "design a new logo" contest? It could be done either by a vote of all our volunteers (would take quite a long time to complete and implement) or by a vote of the AB for the best logo (and have a nice new logo ready relatively quickly).

What are you inclined to do about the project logo?

Approval of Minutes - 2/04

(4/1/04) By general consent, the minutes of the February 2004 meeting of the Advisory Board were approved as written.


Motion - Putting logo contest on hold

(3/29/04) SW/SC CC Representative Phyllis Rippee presented the following motion:

"I move that the Logo Contest be put on hold pending approval of the Advisory Board and then only after it has been determined by said Advisory Board exactly how the winning logo will be chosen and whether or not it will become the only logo."

The motion was numbered 04-08. Discussion ensued.

The motion passed with 14 "yes" votes, no "no" votes, no abstentions, and 1 members not voting. (4/1/04)

Those voting YES: Cyndie Enfinger, Pam Reid, Shari Handley, Teri Brown, Jan Cortez, Don Kelly, Darilee Bednar, Gail Meyer Kilgore, Christine Goff, Denise Woodside, Linda Blum-Barton, Larry Flesher, Phyllis Rippee and Bettie Wood

Those voting NO: none

Those abstaining: none

Those not voting: Richard Howland

Additional Comments:



Discussion Item - Memorials

(3/28/04)The following is a discussion item which isn't covered elsewhere in the March minutes. Refer to the threaded list archives for details.

Memorials for Maurice Krueger and Marcella Dawson.



(4/1/04) The March session of the Advisory Board of The USGenWeb Project was adjourned on April 1, 2004.

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Recording Secretary

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