2001 Motions & Votes
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  • Issue: Consent Agreement on Service Mark
  • Date: 5 December 2001
  • 01-38

    "I move that the USGenWeb Advisory Board authorize Holly Timm (National Coordinator) to sign a consent agreement on behalf of the Advisory Board indicating that the USGenWeb Project has no objection to the service mark application by The USGenWeb Census Project, Inc."

  • Motion by By: Teresa Lindquist
  • Second By: Phyllis Rippee

  • Votes:
    • Jana Black - No
    • Robert Bremer - Yes
    • Ron Eason - Yes
    • Richard Harrison - No
    • Kathy Heidel - No
    • Mary Ann Hetrick - No Vote
    • Teresa Lindquist - Yes
    • Betsy Mills - No
    • Diane Parsons - Yes
    • Pam Reid - Yes
    • Phyllis Rippee - No
    • Vickie Shaffer - No
    • Tim Stowell - No
    • Tina Vickery - No
    • Nathan Zipfel - Yes

  • Motion 01-38 fails: Affirmative 6, Negative 8, with one not voting. 6 January 2002

  • Issue: Reinstate RAL to EC
  • Date: 28 November 2001
  • 01-37

    "I move that the Advisory Board direct the Chair of the Election Committee to reinstate the Representative at Large on the Election Committee's list and suspend its probationary action against the Representative at Large. The Advisory Board further directs the Election Committee to not remove any of its members without the approval of the Advisory Board, as required in its guidelines."

  • Motion by By: Robert Bremer
  • Second By: Nathan Zipfel

  • Votes:
    • Jana Black - No
    • Robert Bremer - Yes
    • Ron Eason -
    • Richard Harrison - No
    • Kathy Heidel - No
    • Mary Ann Hetrick - No
    • Teresa Lindquist - Abstain
    • Betsy Mills - No
    • Diane Parsons - No
    • Pam Reid - No
    • Phyllis Rippee - No
    • Vickie Shaffer -
    • Tim Stowell - Abstain
    • Tina Vickery - No
    • Nathan Zipfel - Yes

  • Motion 01-37 has failed to pass with 2 affirmative, 10 negative, 2 abstentions and one not voting. 4 December 2001

  • Issue: Formation of Publicity Committee
  • Date: 5 November 2001
  • 01-36

    "I, on behalf the Publicity/Promotion starter committee, move for the creation of the Publicity/Promotion Committee to constructively promote and publicize the USGenWeb Project internally within the project, and to the greater genealogical community, both online and off-line.

    The committee will develop means of publicity and promotion such as but not limited to newsletters, brochures and web pages to accomplish their purpose and will be available to work with all committees and organizations within the USGenWeb Project to assist and advise them with publicity and promotion.

    The committee itself shall consist of nineteen, (19), USGenWeb Project volunteers, and the National Coordinator, as an ex-officio member. This committee is not a policy setting committee, but a working committee, there is no need to restrict volunteers by position or region.

    Acknowledging that the nature of publicity and promotion is task oriented and ever-changing; acknowledging that the talents, interests and level of involvement will vary given the task to be accomplished; the Publicity/Promotion Committee will solicit volunteers from across the USGenWeb Project to work on Task Teams to assist in accomplishing the tasks placed before them. Said Task Teams will in future be formed by vote of the committee but preliminary discussions have made it clear that there must be a Newsletter Team and a Brochures Team and volunteers for these will be solicited in the initial volunteer call. Task Team members do not need to be members of the Publicity/Promotion Committee but at least one member of the Task Team must be on the Publicity/Promotion Committee.

    To initially form this committee we appoint Jana Black, Kathy Heidel and Tina Vickery, who shall choose a temporary chair and proceed with soliciting and accepting volunteers for the committee itself, as well as for specific Task Teams. Once the committee is selected, the full committee will elect a chair. "

  • Motion by By: Tina Vickery
  • Second By: Jana Black

  • Votes:
    • Jana Black -
    • Robert Bremer -
    • Ron Eason -
    • Richard Harrison -
    • Kathy Heidel -
    • Mary Ann Hetrick -
    • Teresa Lindquist -
    • Betsy Mills -
    • Diane Parsons -
    • Pam Reid -
    • Phyllis Rippee -
    • Vickie Shaffer -
    • Tim Stowell -
    • Tina Vickery -
    • Nathan Zipfel -

  • Withdrawn - 20 December 2001

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