Executive Orders

Executive Orders, in the Federal Government, are orders made by the President that bypass Congress. The USGenWeb Project Bylaws do not deal with Executive Orders and there is some question as to whether or not they are legal within our set-up. The Bylaws are written so as to have the Board make any important decision, as a group. We are NOT at this point sure if an Executive Order is allowable. Our current National Coordinator has issued and Executive Order and that Order is currently being challenged and voted on by the Board.

Executive Orders
Exec Order # Date Issue
#2000-E-1 6 April 2000 Delinking of Census Project

  • Issue: Delink of Census Project II
  • Date: 6 April 2000
  • Executive Order #2000-E-1 Text of Order Follows

  • Order made by Tim Stowell, NC

      To Ron Eason, Coordinator

      Whereas your 'project' (referring to the Census Project currently known as The USGenWeb Census Project) continues to be not in good standing within the USGenWeb Project despite repeated requests to fix your pages, does not answer mail in a timely manner, and has refused to negotiate in good faith for a merger of the ACP and the CP, you are hereby given notice that your project has been delinked from the National web site.

      I regret that this must be done but I believe it to be the best for the USGenWeb Project as a whole.

      I do this within my rights as National Coordinator - under my day to day administration duties. The Webmaster has had no part in this - as I have done this myself.

      Should the Board request further details of the Census Project's actions or lack thereof as coordinated by Mr. Eason, they will be provided.

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