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This area of The USGenWeb Project's national website is where you will find the most current, up-to-date information regarding the status of The Project and progress regarding issues of importance, i.e., election procedures, project by-laws, proposed amendments, upcoming Board votes and an archive of Board motions and voting history.

If you would like to read copies of the Consent Agreement between The USGenWeb Project and The USGenWeb Census Project concerning USGW's Service Mark application, you can see it HERE.

Project By Laws Standing Procedures for the AB
ItemThe Project By Laws
This page contains the full text of The Project's By Laws. Here you can learn about the Project's rules and regulations. The By Laws explain how Project business is conducted.
ItemStanding Procedures for the AB
This page outlines the current Standing Procedures under which the Advisory Board operates.
Procedures for the EC Proposed Amendments to the ByLaws
ItemProcedures for the EC
This page contains the Standing Procedures under which the Election Committee operates.
ItemProposed Amendments to the By Laws
Any state project may propose an amendment by sending their proposal to one or more of the Advisory board members representing their region and including the exact wording of the proposed amendment. Any proposals are included here.
Regional Mail Lists IRC Chat Rooms
ItemRegional Mail Lists
Each of The USGenWeb Project's regional representatives to the Advisory Board has implemented a mail list in order to establish better lines of communication with the state and local coordinators within their region.
ItemIRC Chat Rooms
The USGenWeb Project has received approval to open chat rooms on the Rootsweb IRC server. Here you can learn more about the Chat rooms and how to use them.
Board Actions and Minutes Elections Central
ItemBoard Actions and Minutes
Here you can read the motions and voting records of the Advisory Board members for issues that have either passed or failed. Other official Board business is here as well, including meeting minutes.
ItemElections Central
Here you can stay informed about the elections news and find out all about the candidates for office. Elections are held each summer.


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