The EC is a sub-committee of the USGenWeb Advisory Board (AB) which means we work for the AB, but within the bounds of the EC Procedures <>. We try to follow those procedures to the letter.

The EC is charged with conducting the National Election each summer, but we also conduct appropriate polls and SC elections upon request, and as we can work them in.

In order to facilitate the elections, we must maintain a viable dataset (aka Oversight).

Each EC member (except the DM and RAL) has an assigned list of states or special projects that he is responsible for maintaining.

The EC RAL is that extra person who may wind up anywhere, at any time, and at the drop of a hat. The RAL may be called upon to perform a number of duties, particularly if we find ourselves short-handed. For this reason, it is preferred that the RAL be a previous member of the EC.

At election time, each EC member will assist in handling nominations, and any member may be called upon to handle a state SC election. But for the most part, the prime responsibility involves the member list and dataset.

The EC formally requests quarterly updates from the SCs. The third quarter is skipped, because that's when the National election occurs. No changes can be made to the member lists after 31 May until the conclusion of the election, including run-offs. This is also an especially busy time for the Dataset Manager. This is when the DM is checking for duplicate email addresses, email addresses updated, making sure that all registered members sites have been approved, etc. During that time each EC member and the Dataset Manager will maintain a list of post-election updates sent by the SC, so you may continue to send in changes, but they won't be implemented until after the election concludes, unless of course it's a bounce correction from a pwd mailing or a member's removal per the SC (these do need to be verified with a confirmation letter) etc. In addition to the quarterly updates, changes may come in randomly throughout the year. We update as we are made aware of them, so any time you hear of a change, whether it's in your assigned area or not, the EC appreciates your forwarding the info to the list. Be sure to adjust the subject line as appropriate. e.g. FL Change. (NOTE: It is very important that the subject line be adjusted so changes are not missed.)


A member receives a pwd, but can't seem to get it to work. He writes to the EC, including his pwd. We need to know that EC members have the integrity to forget that pwd was ever seen.

A member sends a confidential (perhaps work) email address to the EC to use as an alt addy.

All nominator names are confidential, per EC procedures The names of registered members must remain confidential, per EC procedures.

Nominees sometimes give personal reasons for accepting or not accepting a nomination. The EC has no right to divulge those personal reasons.

The EC sometimes receives word of member health problems, family tragedies, divorces, etc.

Election Committee Positions

RAL - 2 year
DM - 1 year (if approved)
NENC #1 - 2 year
Illinois, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Vermont
NENC #2 - 2 year
Connecticut, Indiana, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York, Wisconsin.
NWPL #1 - 2 year
Alaska, Colorado, Idaho, Iowa, Minnesota, South Dakota
NWPL #2 - 2 year
Montana, Nebraska, North Dakota, Oregon, Washington, Wyoming
SEMA #1 - 2 year
Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, New Jersey, South Carolina, Tennessee.
SEMA #2 - 2 year
D.C., Delaware, Kentucky, Maryland, North Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia
SWSC #1 - 2 year
Arizona, Arkansas, California, Hawaii, Kansas, Louisiana
SWSC #2 - 2 year
Missouri, Nevada, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas, Utah
SPAR - 2 year
National Archives - All states
SPIP - 2 year
National Archive Special Projects - All

Quarterly Updates

1st Quarter due by 1 April
2nd Quarter due by 1 July
3rd Quarter - Registrations are closed for Elections.
4th Quarter due by 31 December


The USGenWeb Project:
ACC: Assistant County Coordinator
ASC: Assistant State Coordinator
CC : County Coordinator
Co-CC: Co-County Coordiator
Co-SC: Co State Coordinator
LC: Local Special Projects (States)
SC: State Coordinator
TC: Town Coordinator
XXUSGW: Two-letter state abbreviation plus USGW
AB: Advisory Board
DM: Dataset Manager
EC: Election Committee
NC: National Coordinator
NENC: Northeast - North Central
NWPL: North Atlantic Plains
RAL: Representative-At-Large
SEMA: Southeast - Mid-Atlantic
SWSC: Southwest - South Central
Special Projects:
SPAR SA: State Archives
SPAG AA: African American Griots Project
SPIP CI: Online Census Images (SPCI)
SPIP CP: Church Project
SPIP CC- Court Cases (SPCC)
SPIP FG: Family Group Sheet Project (SPFG)
SPIP GE: Genealogical Events
SPIP I-N: Immigration and Naturalization Project
SPIP KZ: USGW Kidz Project (SPKZ)
SPIP LN: Lineage Project (SPLN)
SPIP MP: Digital Map Project
SPIP WD: Marriage Project (Wedding)
SPIP OB: Obit Project (SPOB)
SPIP PP: Pension Project
SPIP: Special Collections
SPIP TP: Tombstone Project (SPTP)