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Step 3 - Welcome John C. Smith

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    Pos Number   State Region Project Title
Delete Edit 9074 Obit Project CT    15 Jul 2006
Delete Edit 9075 Tombstone Project LA    23 June 2007
Delete Edit 9652 County Coordinator LA  Southwest/South Central 

9 Sep '08: Evangeline, 4 May '08: LaSalle, & 5 Apr 1997: Winn Parish.

Delete Edit 9584 USGW Archives GA    4 Mar 2004: State File Manager 
Delete Edit 9585 USGW Archives LA    20 Jan 1999: Jackson, 6 May 1998: Winn Parishes 

Please note: If you select State Coordinator, Co State Coordinator or Assistant State Coordinator you MUST select a state. If you select County Coordinator, Co County Coordinator, Assistant County Coordinator, Local Special Project (States) or Town Coordinator you MUST select a state AND put the county or town in the County or Local Project Name box. If you select one of the special projects you MUST put the identifying information in the County or Local Project Name box.

To add a new position...
Position Title
State (if appropriate)
County or Local Project Name

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