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Within the USGenWeb Project, a variety of Special Projects focus on a specific subject. In many cases, the subject's data is not tied to a county or state boundary.

Archives Projects

The Archives Project maintains an online digital library to house contributions of transcriptions, document images, photos, etc.
Project Coordinator Joy Fisher

Archives Census Images Project The Archives Census Project offers images and transcriptions of census records.
Project Coordinator Joy Fisher
Project Coordinator Sherri Bradley

Archives Court Cases Project The Archives Court Cases Project provides historic books, which contain a synopsis of actual cases. Many of the cases provide signficant historical and genealogical facts.
Project Coordinator Deb Haines

Archives Digital Map Project The Archives Digital Map Project is growing an online collection of historic and modern maps for use by genealogical researchers.
Project Coordinator Adrian Williams

Archives Marriages Project The Archives Marriage Project brings attention to the information found in marriage records, both applications and licenses. Marriage records often contain much-needed information, such as the names of parents, or permission given to an underage person. Often a Bond was posted by an upstanding member of the community to show the groom was serious about his intentions towards the intended bride.
Project Coordinator Patti Jepsen

Archives Newsletter Project The Archives Newsletter Project publishes USGenWeb newsletters and stores the issues in the archives.
Project Coordinator Maggie

Archives Obituaries Project The Obituaries Project maintains obituaries. (Newspapers have given permission to archive obituaries for genealogical research.)
Project Coordinator Maggie Stewart

Archives Pension Project The Archives Pension Project endeavors to provide actual transcriptions of Pension-related materials for all Wars prior to 1900.
Project Coordinator Donna Bluemink

Archives Special Collections Project The Archives Special Collections Project provides an entry page to scanned out-of-print books on family studies, historical books, and various journals.
Project Coordinator Vacant

Census Project

Census Project This Census Project is a transcription of census records.
Project Coordinator Maggie Stewart
Administrative Coordinator Kathy Grace

Genealogical Events Project

The Genealogical Events Project maintains a current list of Genealogical Events taking place across the country.
Project Coordinators Rebecca Maloney &
Jan Bony

Kidz Project

The Kidz Project provides an online genealogical resource for school children. They can learn the basics in the "How to" section. Students can post research questions. They can post queries, to find others researching their ancestors.
Co-Project Coordinator Dee Pavey

Lineage Project

The Lineage Project maintains postings of US ancestors born before 31 Dec 1850 with the poster's contact info.
Maintained by Vacant

Tombstone Project

Tombstone Project The Tombstone Project encourages and handles cemetery survey, transcription, and photo contributions.
Project Coordinator Rebecca Maloney

African American Griots Project

African American Griots Project The African American Griots Project is dedicated to assisting all of those in pursuit of their African American ancestry by being a central depository for African American records of historical proportion.
Project Coordinator Charee Jackson

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