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Within the USGenWeb Project, a variety of Special Projects focus on a specific subject. In many cases, the subject's data is not tied to a county or state boundary.

Archives Projects

The Archives Project maintains an online digital library to house contributions of transcriptions, document images, photos, etc. The Archives Project Manager is Joy Fisher:

As the following special projects are all located in the Archives, they can be reached through the above link and scroll to the bottom for the listings: Census Images, Court Cases, Digital Maps, Marriages, Newsletter, Obituaries, Pension and Special Collections.

To contact the Coordinators for these projects, please visit the listed URL for each Special Project.

The Kidz Project

The USGenWeb Kidz Project is dedicated mainly to helping you and your children or students learn about genealogy. It will give you some insight into History as well. I am providing a page of how to's for beginners, an intermediate page for the next step in genealogy, and an advanced information locating help page. So no matter what your level of genealogy experience you will benefit from this page. It is housed on its own url at:


[Disclaimer: Please note that although these projects have been named as USGW or USGenWeb Special Projects, The USGenWeb Project itself does not maintain nor manage any of these projects. They are stand alone projects that were added over the past 20+ years. As each of these projects was created by and managed by others, the National Coordinator, nor the Advisory Board, cannot control what is added or manage the update of these projects, nor do the volunteers therein answer to the National Coordinator or the Advisory Board. Should you wish to volunteer for one of the project, please contact the coordinator(s) who appear to be directly connected to them. ]


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