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DWT Templates and Page Editing

Expression Web and Dreamweaver often use DWTs.

DWTs or Dynamic Web Templates are  "master" page(s) for a site. They usually have different layouts and the header and footer areas are controlled by the dwt. Changing the dwt effects all of the pages that are linked to that particular dwt.

DWT Templates and Page Editing

Editing the Dynamic Web Template (.dwt) Page:

Dynamic Web Template page(s) can usually be found within the Templates folder of your web and are easily identified by the .dwt extension. It contains the basic page structure for all of your .html pages. If you change a .dwt page, all of the web pages based on that .dwt will also change.

Dynamic Web Templates have both “editable” and “non-editable” regions. Editable Regions allow you to make changes on each individual pages. Non-editable Regions are areas defined by the .dwt and cannot be changed on your .html pages. To change non-editable regions, you must open the .dwt file. Changing those regions will effect every web page in your site that is based on that .dwt page.

Editing the Content (.html) Pages:

To edit the existing .html pages, type your own text and add any additional photos. Note that you will not be able to edit any “non-editable” regions on these pages. Remember to change the page title when you make a new page or rename a page.

Important: If you delete all content from an editable region, it may be difficult to find in design view. Switch to "Code" or "Split" view and look for the following:

  1. <!-- #BeginEditable “content” --><!-- #EndEditable -->
    Type some placeholder text between the two tags as follows:
    <!-- #BeginEditable “content” --><p>Content here</p><!-- #EndEditable -->

Switch back to Design view and you will now see the editable region and can add content to that area. Make sure you type in the paragraph tags: <p>add content here</p>

Submitted by Marsha Bryant

Updated by AB June 2021

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