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For folks wishing to volunteer for The USGenWeb Project, there are several ways in which one may help. If you are interested in coordinating a county or special project website, first check to see if it is currently "Up for Adoption." Use the drop down at the top of the page to select the State you are interested in. From there you can view the county list and you should contact the appropriate State Coordinator regarding adoption of the county. In some areas (particularly the northeast and eastern seaboard areas), coordinators are needed to adopt town websites. The current state or county websites will provide information regarding adoption.

There are many other ways someone can help - check out the Special Projects page where you can find descriptions of all the different projects, as well as links to additional information on how to help or submit data. Several of these projects will take years to complete, like The Tombstone Project or The Census On-Line Project which require help with the transcription/submission of data.

Also located on the Special Projects page is a link to The Archives Project. This is where you can submit all types of data - wills, probate records, biographies, etc. This is a very useful site in that the data is searchable by surname.

If you have quite a bit of information regarding a specific county or counties, but a coordinator is already in place, you might consider contacting the county coordinator to offer your help as an assistant coordinator. Or, you could offer any data of a general nature related to the county in question. For instance, a transcribed index to a county history, a listing of churches with addresses, marriages, a bibliographic listing related to the county, etc. Most data that falls in the realm of public domain type documents would be welcomed.

In addition, if you have vital records information or references related to a specific region, you might consider volunteering to do look-ups. If you are interested, you should contact the coordinator of the appropriate county(ies).

Updated by AB July 2021

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